June 13, 2003

How lucky we are

A three minute discourseAudio taken from a two days teaching in spring 1992 in Paris by the Venerable Chime Rimpoche.
The transcript of the recording: "..... how lucky we are, we are alive and we can see, we can feel, we can taste, we can think, we can touch, we can meditate..."

....If you think a little on how lucky we are, how lucky we are, we are alive and we can see we can feel we can taste we can think we can touch we can meditate , how lucky we are. We are free we are fee to come of here , there are many people who got freedom to work to go to pilgramige or any other thing so we are very very precious.
Many people like reincarnations, like rebirth very much, reincarnations they like very much, I dont think I like very much, we don't want to come back do we? :-) We dont want to come back Paris again you know to pay the bills we dont want to come back to London to pay the bills we dont want to come back to Dussoldof and to pay the bills etc.. So there fore now we are free we want to be totally free totaly totaly this is very important and that we are very lucky as human beings we have the oppurtunity and to be free meaning to become enlightend. In Paris you dont need anything you have good restaurent good bars nice people you have anything you want ... if you have the spiritual strength you can go anywhere then you just practice. Spiritual strenght help you to stay in peace and happiness otherwise you reveal that your are spiritual Without spirutuality ....then your goingup and down like this one day your happy the other day not one minute your happy one minute your not the spiritual strenght keep you going forward .So we will be very simple this time no philosophy no religion or psychology, we will say Om Mani Peme Hung and that's will help you to become enlightend.
I spended time with the great teachers in Tibet, courageous, courageous teachers in Tibet, I spended time with them I've been working with them , I served with them but also I had strenght from them, strenght from them So therfore during this meditation I will share you that strenght. One thing that I 'm sure I spended fifty years with all those great teachers work with them and ... had strenght from them and their instructions there meditations and everything that is one thing I ll share with you. If You say what did you do Chime, I 've spent
all my life with those great teachers, I worked with them, I meditate with them, so therefore something which they transmited into me, even if I dont want it :-) , they tranmited into me, So I think this is oppurtunity we all share and you get this transmition from me and you can give this transmition to ALL.

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